Recent Before & After Photos

Water and Mold Damage in Dayton

The Before Photo illustrates the results of an ignored water leak from the supply line for a washing machine. The utility closed in this Dayton house now requir... READ MORE

Ignored Water Leak Means Demolition in Fredonia

The black mold stain on the ceiling of this Fredonia garage indicated a moisture problem in the floor void. The second-story bathroom, located above the garage,... READ MORE

Dunkirk Business Center Needs a Drying

The burst pipe in the restroom soaked the carpets in this business suite in Dunkirk. The soaked commercial grade carpeting shows darkened watermarks. The Extrac... READ MORE

Fredonia Groundwater Intrusion

The Before Photo depicts SERVPRO's efforts to salvage the flood damaged flooring in this Fredonia home. Our team, using portable water extractors, removed the p... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire in Dunkirk

The flames from the electrical short in the microwave affected the entire kitchen in this Dunkirk home. The Before Photo illustrates the damage--the removed mic... READ MORE

White Wainscotting and Mold in Dunkirk

The moisture build-up in this Dunkirk room resulted from a broken HVAC unit. The rainy weather and high RH relative humidity within the structure allowed mold s... READ MORE

Water Damage from a Damaged Fredonia Roof

The stormwater entered the attic via a breach in the roof, soaking the ceiling as shown in the Before Photo. When moisture is allowed to saturate drywall and wi... READ MORE

Factory Facility Under Water in Dunkirk

The groundwater from the intense storm dumped volumes of water, with some entering this large commercial structure. The floating debris is also some lost invent... READ MORE

Storm Damaged Ceiling in Dunkirk

The Before Photo illustrates the extent of the storm damage caused by a breach in the roof of a Dunkirk home. Our SERVPRO technicians arrived swiftly, We're Fas... READ MORE

Dunkirk Fire Demolition and Remodel

The attic fire, was extinguished by the first responders, with significant damage to the ceiling. The SOP standard operating procedure is to open up the ceiling... READ MORE