Photo Gallery

buckled and warped floorboards in a kitchen

Dunkirk Water Damaged Flooring

The leak from the sink area seeped under the engineered flooring in this Dunkirk kitchen and warped some of the planks. We can stop the leak, remove and dry these sturdy floorboards (not inexpensive laminated ones) and reinstall them---a minor demolition but less cost to our customer.

washer/dryer closet, loaded with black mold on the walls

Dunkirk Mold Damage

The mold damage on the walls of this Dunkirk home's utility closet required demolition for correct remediation. SERVPRO safely disposes of the contaminated drywall and sprays an antifungal agent to prevent future infestations.

book shelves covered with poly sheeting

Fredonia Library and a Water Problem

The sprinkler system was activated for a short time in this Fredonia library. A rapid response was crucial to ensure that the light watering would not damage any of the shelved books. We covered sections not affected by the mist to keep the books dry. We vacuumed up the water, not much, but enough to cause damage as we set up dehumidifiers.

stripped walls and floor showing studs and drying equipment

Reconstruction Post Storm in Dunkirk

This house in Dunkirk, as shown in the Photo, was demolished down to the framing following a devastating flood. Our SERVPRO crew spent some days removing the storm damaged building materials and then drying out the structure before rebuilding could begin.

green air scrubbers, fire damage kitchen, no appliances

Dunkirk Smoke Cleanup in Kitchen

The pungent odors and sooty residues left behind in this Dunkirk kitchen required SERVPRO's expertise. We set up charcoal, and HEPA filtration rigged air scrubbers to improve the indoor air quality as we started the fire damage cleanup and restoration service.

wallpaper peeling off wall

Dunkirk Water Damaged Walls

Water seepage can lead to damaged walls and coverings in a Dunkirk home. SERVPRO can remove the wallpaper, and dry the sheetrock panels after repairing the leak. It is critical to remove the moisture to prevent demolition. "Like it never even happened."

air scrubber, flex duct channeling air to the outside

Fredonia Mold Removal

SERVPRO AMRT technicians can remove physical mold growth from walls, porous surfaces, and hard surfaces like tile with the right equipment. Shown is an air scrubber using negative air pressure (vacuum) to remove airborne mold debris from this Fredonia home. The contaminated area is also isolated with the poly sheeting shown in the background.

pump and blue hose on floor of wet warehouse, forklift there

Flooded Dunkirk Warehouse

Water can disrupt the routines of a warehouse. This Dunkirk structure was flooded, and SERVPRO soon arrived to siphon out the standing water with an electrical pump. The goal was to prevent damage to the stored merchandise--a successful task. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

mold in closet and floor

Storm and Mold Damage in Fredonia

The ceiling leak from the ripped roof following a storm resulted in a soaking compounded by mold damage. SERVPRO recommends that property owners never delay removing moisture from their homes after a rainstorm. We can remove the damaged closet material and spray an antifungal agent before repairing the damage.

sooty ceiling, cleaning black residue with vac

Dayton Smoke Cleanup

Our SERVPRO tech uses a special vacuum brush to remove the loose soot from the popcorn ceiling in this Dayton home. The goal is to prevent demolition and possibly, not repaint the ceiling. We plan to follow through to completion with our customers' best interests at heart.

exposed ceiling, plumbing, and boards

Mayville Water Damage

A water leak damaged the bathroom ceiling in this Mayville home. We can remove the non-salvageable ceiling materials and dry out the exposed void. Applying an antifungal agent helps prevent mold growth before closing up the water damaged ceiling.

mold stains on roof sheathing in attic

Fredonia Moldy Attic

The excess attic condensation resulted in mold growth, as shown in the Photo. SERVPRO techs can scrape off the thin layer of colonies by using pressurized, dry ice pellets. No water, no mess, and no moisture to fuel mold spores.

flooded muddy water, mail, and boxes on floor of facility

Dunkirk Mail Room Flooding

The groundwater gushed into this mail facility in Dunkirk and flooded the space with contaminated water. SERVPRO responded to the call within hours and removed all the furnishings and debris from the area. We then extract the water and sanitize all surfaces before relocating the items.

two air movers on concrete pad

Dunkirk Storm Cleanup

After our SERVPRO techs removed groundwater and carpeting from this Dunkirk room, we set up air movers. Rapid action mitigated potential water damage to the concrete pad and sheetrock walls. We're Faster To Any Disaster.

soot on walls, tile

Dunkirk Smoke and Soot Damage

The soot deposits on the walls of this Dunkirk building can be wiped off by our skilled SERVPRO technicians. We apply industrial-grade solvents to remove the layers, using several passes, and then repaint the walls and ceiling if needed.

poly tenting on hardwood floor, nice kitchen and equipment

Dunkirk Expert Water Damage Abatement

The highly skilled SERVPRO of Dunkirk, Fredonia can rig poly tenting to prevent the demolition of expensive hardwood flooring. This upscale small kitchen and living room area were dried within two days using our advanced water damage cleanup and restoration methods.

poly barrier, removed walls

Fredonia Mold Containment

SERVPRO protects clean areas from a Fredonia home by erecting containment barriers. This one has polypropylene sheeting supported by spring-loaded tension poles allowing us to maintain dust-free zones. Another reason Why SERVPRO is the team to call.

shoe shelves with wood flooring and devices

Fredonia Water Cleanup

Our SERVPRO technicians quickly vacuumed up the water in this shoe storage facility before the expensive inventory was damaged. Fredonia businesses can rely on us; We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. The air movers are completing the drying process.

opened kitchen walls, showing plumbing and block, removed cabinets

Fredonia Water Damage Demolition

The burst water pipe soaked the walls and cabinets in this Fredonia kitchen. The controlled demolition limited the time to reconstruct and restore this water damaged kitchen to its preloss condition. Our team at SERVPRO has the talented personnel to fix it right the first time.

a submersible pump, blue hose, at flooded basement stairs

Stormwater Removal in Fredonia

SERVPRO has advanced equipment like this electrical submersible pump for stormwater extraction. A rapid removal of contaminated water mitigates the storm damage to this Fredonia basement. We can then dry the concrete pad and cinder block foundation. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

sooty residue on ceiling and webs on walls

Fredonia Fire Damage Puff Back

The faulty heating system ignited a puff back event that charred the ceiling, ductwork delivery system, and many surfaces in this Fredonia home. This petroleum-fueled fire and smoke damage requires professional cleanup to mitigate damage. SERVPRO can wipe down and remove the sticky residues, including the "cobwebs," to minimize any repainting and place equipment to improve the indoor air quality. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.